Erection is the installation literally and is a very delicate process, which needs to be carried out very carefully. The experienced team that we have with MGI have been doing a great job, doing it in a proper way. Independent of who actually built the product, once we are in the process we clearly analyse what has been going on and take necessary steps for proper handling of the erection process. Understanding the importance of this, we always give our best , from selecting the workers to the end of the entire process assuring the customer's satisfaction.


Commissioning is nothing but the process of testing an already delivered product. We do commissioning not only for a just installed product, but also for running products in certain situations to ensure the product is functioning properly. With commissioning we make sure the product is working exacly the way it is meant to be, so that our customers can make the most out of it. We make sure the commissioned products deliver solid performance for a long time, by analyzing the product performance thouroughly in different possible conditions.


In addition to to the products we fabricate in regular basis, we are responsible for producing/suppying some components/products that are in demand and not readily available in market. We take contract of such components and make those easily accessible to our customers. During our long journy we have done, machined/ casted products which are not readily available in the market, which makes us capable of being good at supplying such products in demand.

  • Crane Components
  • Transit Mixer Spares
  • Aluminum Profiles

  • MS Fabrication
  • SS Fabrication
  • Casting Products
  • Machined Products